Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our 9/11 Memorial

A few months before the first anniversary of the September 11th attacks Wythougan conceived and funded a simple memorial to commemorate that dark day in American history. The memorial was a simple granite stone positioned between two oak trees. The trees were planted to symbolize the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center; oaks were chosen due to the tree's designation as our National Tree.

The memorial was placed on the south side of Jefferson Street, south of the Marshall County Courthouse. When the miniature Statue of Liberty was restored on the courthouse lawn, the granite September 11th memorial stone was relocated to the feet of Lady Liberty. The symbolic oaks are still thriving. While Wythougan always strives to preserve the reminders of our past, there are times when commemorating moments of our recent collective past are important also.

September 11th. Marshall County remembers.