Saturday, March 19, 2011

The First Decade of Wythougan

The Garn House, Wythougan's first project in 1999

When Wythougan celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2009, we created a project resume of the work our organization had completed over those ten years, and of those ongoing things in the community. We’re looking forward to the next decade of Wythougan.

Project resume:
Placed Downtown Plymouth on National Register
Relocated and preserved Katie Garn’s House
Held “Disappearing Landscape” photography contest
Placed Heminger Travel Lodge on the National Register
Placed Shady Rest on National Register
Hosted Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana annual meeting
Hosted the National Park Service Lincoln Highway meeting
Developed our TOP 20 HERITAGE SITES program
Began the Daniel McDonald Award for Preservation
Restored Summit Chapel-School
Created September 11th Memorial at Courthouse
Placed Downtown Argos on National Register
Fixed the Chief’s thumb-the first time it was missing
Placed Jacoby Church on National Register
Facilitated transfer of Tippecanoe River WPA site
Restored Jacoby Church
Placed Summit Chapel-School on National Register
Developed Centennial Ceremony for Chief Menominee statue
Placed the Chief Menominee Site on National Register
Yearly participants in the Yellow River Festival
Jacoby Church summer series programming

We also made significant attempts at saving/restoring the following:
Washington School, Union Twp.
Maxinkuckee School, Union Twp.
Argos downtown commercial block
Matchette House, Bourbon
301 Main St. House, Bourbon
Hoham-O’Keefe House, Plymouth
District No. 2 School, Polk Twp.

What do you think the next decade should look like?

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Andy S. said...

Things for the next decade? How about "laced Hoham Weckele O'keefe house on the National Register"